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The Mexican gastronomic culture is over 6000 years old. Modern civilization owes Mexico the corn and cocoa. Historians narrate that when the Spaniards arrived in Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec empire, the whole city smelled like cocoa. Mexican cuisine was enriched by the presence of the Spanish and then the influence of cuisines from the Caribbean Islands, France, Africa and finally by the cuisines of Eastern cultures. Today, Mexican culture is a cultural treasure.

The pre-Hispanic cooking techniques provided little elaboration. However, an important technique cooking process such as corn nixtamalization, which brings carbohydrates from corn starch, allowing for conversion en masse. This technique was unknown at the time, except in Mexico and some Central American countries.

Diversity in Cuisine Our roots run deep

Diversity is the essential characteristic of Mexican cuisine. Almost every Mexican state has its own recipes and culinary traditions. Of course, this diversity is more pronounced if the gastronomic wealth is seen regionally and not by state. There are certain culinary creations that emerged locally, and due to their quality and widespread acceptance, they have become emblematic of Mexican cuisine.

The roots of the “Bronco Mexican Restaurant” are in the state of Jalisco, which features a variety of traditional dishes such as pozole, tamales, tostadas, sopes, enchiladas, tacos and chicken Capirotada Valentina. But something that distinguishes it completely around the country is “drowned tortas” consisting of sauce and a roll with fried pork meat cut into pieces. Another typical dish of Guadalajara and throughout the state of Jalisco is “Birria”, which is usually made with goat meat or beef.


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